Grants & Scholarships

Many brain tumor patients face financial hardship during the course of their illness. Some of the most effective treatments are very expensive and can be denied by insurance because they are considered experimental.

Due to this burden, the Legacy Brain Foundation established the Legacy Grant which is open to any brain or spinal cord tumor patient living in the state of Texas who requires financial assistance for treatment. Grants have been given to patients for MRI scans, medication costs, travel for medical care, and other financial costs of treatment.

Realizing that the expenses associated with brain tumor treatments may exhaust a family's resources and can thus hinder their children’s ability to seek higher education, the Legacy Brain Foundation has also established the Legacy Brain Tumor Scholarship. Children of brain tumor patients in Texas are eligible and encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Please note that our application forms have been updated to better serve you.

Download the Grant Application Form or the Physician Support Application

Download the Scholarship Application Form

To send application forms or other correspondence through regular mail, please use the following address:

Medical City Dallas
Legacy Brain Foundation
7777 Forest Lane Suite  C-648
Dallas, Texas  75230


*Only Texas residents are eligible to apply for the Legacy Grant or the Legacy Brain Tumor Scholarship.